By Trinity Sun December 27, 2021 • 3 min read


When we were invited to attend a concert at Gardens by the Bay, we had no idea what to expect. After all, our previous trips to Gardens by the Bay were for admiring the floral displays and spending a tranquil afternoon in nature. This time, it was for a pop-rock concert in the This Is Live! Series organized by CK Star Entertainment, featuring pop-rock band SuperSonic. Concerts are rare these days, and live concerts are rarer still, so when we got the invitation to attend this musical event, we were no doubt surprised.

this is live! at gardens by the bay
© Natalie Teo

Plush beanbags and soft mood lighting dotted the concert venue, with the band’s setup in the middle of the space. Separated from Gardens by the Bay’s Flower Field Hall by just a thin wall of glass, curious passer-bys who had come here for the Poinsettia Wishes display peered in, hoping to get a glimpse of the exclusive event.

At exactly 6pm, the band came onto the floor, bringing the energy reminiscent of attending a concert in a packed-out stadium. SuperSonic was off to a rocking start with “Mr Brightside” by The Killers being first on the setlist. The crowd went wild, and the band would play even more familiar favourites throughout the night.

supersonic this is live concert
© Natalie Teo

From couples to individuals who attended the event, everyone was singing along and grooving to the beat of popular hits like “Beggin’” by Maneskin and “Sunday Morning” by No Doubt. This also marked our first live concert since the pandemic, and SuperSonic did not disappoint.

It was hard to believe that an hour and a half had passed when the band closed off the session with “A Sky Full of Stars”, while the crowd waved their phone’s flashlights in the air. Though we would not be staying for their 9pm set, we were told the theme would revolve around love songs — with hits such as Adele’s “Easy on Me”, among other tracks.

this is live concert beanbag seating area
© Natalie Teo

With the return of live concerts, Gardens by the Bay felt like it became much livelier. Spending an evening among florals and attending a rock concert was surprisingly an experience all of us enjoyed. During this age of the pandemic, it’s hard to imagine how to enjoy entertainment on the same level as pre-COVID days. But even with masks and safe distancing, the venue was well-managed so guests could forget they were living in a pandemic-stricken world.

this is live concert band
© Natalie Teo

Would we attend a live concert again? Definitely. CK Star Entertainment is not just known for organizing live concerts, but also for providing opportunities for aspiring singers to show-off their talent — complete with recording and professional singing sessions that can make you feel like a pop diva. 

We’d definitely go to another concert organized by CK Star Entertainment. For those who miss the thrill of attending live concerts, you won’t be disappointed the next time these energetic, in-person events return.


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Trinity Sun

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