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Sentosa is one of Singapore's must-visit locations, whether you're a tourist visiting from abroad, or a local looking for something fun and exciting to do on the weekends. With its restaurants and beach clubs with sandy shorelines, upscale hotels and resorts, and plenty of thrilling attractions, it's no wonder this island is a world-class destination.

Read on for the top things to do on Sentosa at least once in your lifetime — you won't regret it.

Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios Singapore ride
Ⓒ Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios Singapore, Southeast Asia’s first and only Universal Studios theme park, is probably a name you're familiar with. It’s one of the six Universal Studios theme parks in the world, and features 28 rides, shows, and attractions in seven themed zones. This adrenaline-pumping destination is a must-visit spot. Our personal favourite is the Battlestar Galactica: HUMAN vs CYLON ride, but don't underestimate the Shrek and Jurassic Park-themed attractions either.


Skyline Luge

Skyline Luge at sentosa
Ⓒ Skyline Luge

Skyline Luge is similar to a karting experience except it’s a three-wheeled kart that you steer downhill. It is undoubtedly a thrilling activity suitable for all ages and experience levels. This ride speeds down 4 purpose-built tracks with hairpin turns, tunnels, and downhill slopes through a transcendent forest that lights up after sundown. Hop in the driver seat and speed away!


Giant Swing and Bungy Jump

Giant Swing at sentosa
Ⓒ AJ Hackett Sentosa

Calling all hardcore adrenaline junkies! The giant swing and bungy jump at Sentosa will be right up your alley. You'll be strapped facing down on the giant swing, which has speeds of up to 120km/hour and is situated 40-meters above the ground, making your childhood dream of being able to fly come true. 

If you don't want to do it alone, the giant swing also allows you to experience it with at least two other friends. On the other hand, if you want to make great vertical memories, experience the excitement of bungy jumping. Take in the spectacular view of the beach while you leap from the 50-meter bungy platform, and create a core memory that you'll never forget.


Central Beach Bazaar

Central Beach Bazaar at sentosa
 Ⓒ Mount Faber Leisure

Located in the heart of Siloso Beach, Central Beach Bazaar is a new day-to-night carnival beach experience, featuring the return of the Sentosa Musical Fountain. It has back and better than ever, with a history that spans all the way from the early 1980s alongside Sentosa Skyjet, the tallest fountain in Southeast Asia. Besides basking under the sun and enjoying the ocean breeze, enticing street food is also available. The International Food Street, scattered with food trucks, upcycled shipping containers, and more, includes an array of cuisines such as Japanese and Mexican, as well as local snacks and drinks. 

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Adventure Cove

Adventure Cove at sentosa
Ⓒ Adventure Cove

Trying to beat Singapore’s humidity? Adventure Cove is the right place for you to cool off from the year-round heat and humidity. From high-speed water slides filled with twists and turns to slowly drifting down the Adventure River where you can take in the diverse marine life in the underwater tunnel, this water park has it all. If you feel like a little bit of an adrenaline punch, grab a friend and battle out your slide skills down the two-lane Dueling Racer. 



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