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Known as one of the most popular hawker destinations in Singapore, Adam Road Food Centre has been around since the early days of 1974. This iconic hawker centre is home to some of Singapore’s most famous nasi lemak stalls, along with legendary vendors serving up delectable prawn noodles, mee soto, and chicken rice.

If you’re planning a trip to this local foodie gem, here are six hawker stalls that shouldn’t be missed.

Selera Rasa Nasi Lemak

Selera Rasa Nasi Lemak
© Weiming/Instagram

Widely known as the Sultan of Brunei’s go-to for breakfast whenever he visits Singapore, Selera Rasa Nasi Lemak is usually the main reason why many people flock to this hawker centre. Always serving up a feast, this stall is the predecessor to the ever-popular Crave nasi lemak chain. This must-visit stall offers delights such as Royal Rumble ($6) and Royal Flush ($5.50) for a hearty tuck-in, or the Flash Meal ($3) for lighter fare.

Be prepared to stand in line for at least half an hour to get a taste of this iconic dish — the spicy sambal, crispy chicken, along with the fragrant, fluffy long-grain rice make the dish worth the wait.

Opening Hours: Monday to Thursday from 7am–5pm, Saturday and Sunday from 7am–3pm; Closed on Friday

Contact: 9843 4509

No.1 Adam’s Nasi Lemak

No.1 Adam’s Nasi Lemak
© Leonard Chan

This stall is renowned around Singapore for its mouth-watering (you guessed it!) nasi lemak. The chicken is crispy and tender, and makes a heavenly pairing with coconut-infused rice, a golden-yolked egg, ikan bilis with peanuts, and, finally, spicy sambal. From the Chicken Set ($4) to the Fish Set ($4), and from the Adam’s Special ($5.50) to Sutra Special ($5.50), you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Take note the queue is usually long and quantities sell-out quickly. We recommend visiting early to avoid disappointment! 

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday from 8am–6pm; Closed on Tuesday

Selamat Datang Warong Pak Sapari

Selamat Datang Warong Pak Sapari bee hoon mee soto
© Dan Chia

You can never go wrong with a piping hot bowl of Mee Soto ($3.50). This Indonesian-style spicy chicken soup will instantly make you feel at home and comforted. Made with ground spices and chicken, the combination of spice and savouriness form the perfectly addictive match! Add a spoonful of aromatic sambal kicap pedas (Indonesian soy sauce and chilli paste) to entice your taste buds and enhance the flavour.

Pro-tip: Come early to avoid the long queues!

Opening Hours: Saturday to Sunday from 7:30am–9pm; Closed on Monday

Noo Cheng Adam Road Big Prawn Mee

Noo Cheng Adam Road Big Prawn Mee
© karli.ekarlie

Having been around for 30 years, Noo Cheng Adam Road Big Prawn Mee is a family business boasting some of the most mouthwatering menu items. With fan-favourites such as Big Prawn Noodle ($8), Pork Belly Prawn Noodle ($6), and Pork Ribs Prawn Noodle ($5), it is easy to imagine the long queues forming in front of the stall during its opening hours.

Its noodle bowls never disappoint either. Springy noodles and three juicy prawns are immersed in a warm, flavorful broth cooked in prawn shells, pork, and chicken bones that’ll leave you wanting more after that last bite. 

Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 10am–3:30pm, 6:30pm–11:30pm; Closed on Monday

Contact: 9693 7961

Adam Chicken Rice

Adam Chicken Rice
© Adam Chicken Rice

Adam Chicken Rice is a family-owned business with a focus on Indonesian and local cuisine, which is a welcome change from the usual likes of Hainanese chicken rice sold in most hawker centres. It’s best known for its authentic Ayam Penyet ($4). The dish includes crispy chicken and mouthwatering fried rice, which are paired with spicy chilli.

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday from 11am–8pm

Contact: 8688 3248


The Sugarcane Plant

The Sugarcane Plant
© Gerard T

A lot of us need a refreshing drink to battle Singapore’s heat. Look no further than The Sugarcane Plant, a drink stall run by Lynn, a very friendly and approachable lady who enjoys conversing with her customers and serving flavourful drinks that are bound to make you order more to combat the hot weather.

Be sure to try her soya bean and grass jelly drinks, priced at $1.50 per bottle. If sour drinks are more your cup of tea, the sour plum and lime drinks are priced at $1.80. For only $2,, you could even opt for the passion honey and bird’s nest bottles.

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday from 7am–9pm

Contact: 9785 9393


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