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Are you also a caffeine lover who can’t consume any caffeine without getting the jitters? Don't fret: matcha will come to the rescue. The vivid green colored drink that’s derived from being the leading role in Japanese tea ceremonies is conveniently a highly popularized drink in most cafes in Singapore.

We've personally curated a list of the best matcha spots around town to drink to your heart’s content. From classic matcha lattes to ice blended drinks, these cafes have extensive options for every palate.

KYŌ Kohee

KYŌ Kohee matcha latte
© KYŌ Kohee

A new, modern take-out coffee spot tucked away in the CBD,  KYŌ Kohee serves palpable ceremonial matcha lattes (and more). Offering two matcha options (ceremonial and premium grade) and whisked right in front of you, we tried the Okumidori Matcha Latte. 

To our surprise, the caffeinated drink was naturally sweetened by the milk and had a soft, smooth finish with a tiny kick of bitterness. Lacking a vegetal taste, this would be a great introduction to people trying out matcha for the first time. 

The cafe also serves a good range of other items like coffee (which is also highly raved), non-caffeinated drinks, and sweets like Croffles, a cross between croissants made into waffles.

Location: 144 Robinson Road, #01-01, Singapore 068908

Opening Hours: 8am – 5pm (Mon – Fri), 8am – 1pm (Sat), Closed Sun, PH

Website | Instagram | Facebook


Hvala interior space
© Hvala

With 4 locations under its belt, there is a reason Hvala is a well-loved cafe among matcha lovers. Designed to imitate a Japanese Teahouse, the cafe sticks out with its minimalistic design and a touch of wooden furniture, naturally making it feel comfortable and home-y. 

While all the locations have a good range of items on its menu, the Craig Road outlet stood out to us the most. A calling for vegans and lactose intolerant people (or even for anyone who’s curious), it is marked as Singapore's first vegan matcha establishment. Offering a full vegan menu with the likes of Waffles, Gelato and drinks, it’s fascinating to see how the cafe has veganised these items. 

Though this chain is most commonly known for its matcha lattes that have a smooth and grain-less finish, its ice blend options and desserts such as Dairy-free Mochi Waffles and Brownies are also a must-try. 

Location: Multiple Outlets

Opening Hours: Daily from 12 to 9:30 pm

Website | Instagram | Facebook


Kurasu matcha latte
© Kurasu

Known to most caffeine lovers, this cafe is in the heart of Waterloo Street. It started off as an online Japanese homeware store in Australia, before making a mark in Singapore and Kyoto, Japan since then. Like most Japanese inspired cafes, the interior design remains clean and minimalistic, also making it feel home-y with the sofa seats tucked in corners. 

While this spot is best known for its exceptional cup of coffee, the matcha lattes here are a hit too (alongside the hojicha lattes). Smooth and rich with the perfect balance of sweetness, the cafe uses Morihan Matcha powder from Kyoto, imported from a long-running green tea shop in Japan. 

Offering an inclusive menu from Hand Drip coffee to Hojicha Latte, Kurasu remains as a note-worthy cafe in Singapore for its competitive quality of drinks.  

Location: 261 Waterloo St, #01-24, Singapore 180261

Opening Hours: Daily from 10am – 6:00pm 

Website | Instagram | Facebook


Matchaya tea bar concept
© Matchaya

Started off with pop-ups since 2015 and a kiosk in Icon Village, the brand has grown a lot and has since opened 5 stores, with Takashimaya being its flagship store. Offering an array of items on their menu, they’ve also picked up on having a full menu inclusive of mains. Though, their strong suit still remains in their palatable drinks and desserts like Warabi Mochi and Matcha Affogato. 

Freshly whisked in front of you, the matcha latte was fragrant and had some vegetal notes to it, leaving you wanting more than a sip. Though they’re more on the pricey side, we still recommend giving this home-grown brand a try and satisfying your great quality matcha cravings. 

Location: Multiple Outlets

Opening Hours: Varies depending on location

Website | Instagram | Facebook

Cafe Found

Cafe Found sparkling matcha drink
© Cafe Found

Located within The Editor Market's flagship store in Takashimaya, this is definitely an unexpected cafe location. While it lacks a fixed menu, the cafe used to only offer drinks and bakes! Since then, it has extended to a lunch and dinner menu. If you don’t already have a thing for aesthetic cafes, this minimal Korean-inspired spot might just be the start of your cafe adventure. 

With the bakes front and center on the counter, the cafe has made it easy for customers to pick what sticks out to them the most. While we recommend its matcha latte made from using Niko Neko Matcha (which had an intense matcha flavour), its sparkling matcha definitely left an impression on us. Whether it's a hit or miss drink, we can't deny that everyone should give a try at least once. Its baked goodies are also a notable mention, especially the pastries offered on rotation. 

Location: 391 Orchard Road, B1-16 to 24, Ngee Ann City, 238872

Opening Hours: Daily from 10am – 9:30pm 



© Tsujiri

When you think of matcha spots in Singapore, Tsujiri will most likely pop up in your head. Specifically, the CENTRAL store, which faces the Clarke Quay Riverside. This 150-year old Japanese Tea House was first established in Uji in Kyoto, Japan, making it a competitive battle for other matcha spots here in Singapore. 

The long running cafe offers interesting items that range from green-tea based desserts such as the Shiratama Parfait, a soft serve including Dango (available in both, O-Matcha and Vanilla), and the Tsujiri Parfait, a soft serve including cornflakes and wafer sticks (perfect for those who prefer crunchy toppings in their desserts) to drinks such as Matcha Floats and O-Matcha Chocolate. 

Its menu features a range of tasty desserts and drinks, which undoubtedly makes Tsujiri a popular matcha spot in Singapore. Pair the riverside view with your matcha menu items for the ultimate way to kick-back and relax.

Location: 6 Eu Tong Sen Street #01-74 The Central Singapore 059817

Opening Hours: Sunday to Thursday from 11:00am - 10:00pm; Friday, Saturday, PH, and Eve of PH from 11:00am - 11:00pm

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