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Acrophobia and I go a long way back. Having been stricken by a fear of heights at an early age, anything that involves a remotely high level leaves me paralyzed. You would not catch me dead on a rollercoaster, or even a ferris wheel, if it can be helped.

When we were invited down for a preview of Sentosa’s newest attraction, I had to face my fears quite literally this time around.

SkyHelix Sentosa
SkyHelix Sentosa | © Tammy Kwan

SkyHelix Sentosa, the 35-metre tall attraction by Mount Faber Leisure Group opened on December 15 2021, and towered over its surroundings. Named for the spiral shape of the structure, the ride offers breathtaking panoramic views of the Sentosa area and beyond.

Before the Ride

Don’t forget to pick up some snacks before boarding.

The snack bar SkyHelix Sentosa
The snack bar | © Tammy Kwan

The attraction’s snack bar stocks an assortment of delightful refreshments ranging from fruit bowls to soft drinks, and even cocktails, which you can take along with you for the ride. I got a cocktail (for the nerves!) — curated by the same mixology team behind Dusk Restaurant & Bar, located on the peak of Mount Faber.

A standard ticket includes one complimentary non-alcoholic beverage from the snack bar (or you can opt to use it on a souvenir from the souvenir cart after disembarking). The mocktails were delicious and refreshing, and a great accompaniment for the views.

With drinks in one hand and fruit bowls in the other, we were ready to buckle up for the ride!

The Ride

The duration of each ride is twelve minutes long, which seems short, but when you’re up above, time passes much slower. You take time to pause and appreciate the beauty of Singapore: the sea, the sun, and everything in between.

Thankfully, the ascent was at a slow and steady pace, and not anything that would have made me jump out of my seat. The gondola slowly rotates, offering a truly 360° view of Sentosa Island and the surrounding region.

SkyHelix Sentosa Views
Now that's what I call a view | © Tammy Kwan

Hang tight to your belongings, though, it gets rather drafty up there.

SkyHelix Sentosa Gondola Food
Food, check | © Tammy Kwan

After a good ten minutes of dangling our legs in the air, we began the descent, which took about a minute. I was good, and frankly, the experience wasn’t as remotely terrifying as I had imagined it to be.

At around 79-metres above sea level, the views were mesmerising, and I was too preoccupied taking it all in to even glance down or remember my fear of heights.

We could see how this would be beautiful during golden hour. In fact, SkyHelix Sentosa’s representatives informed us that sunset hour is one of the attraction’s most popular slots. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

SkyHelix Sentosa Souvenir Cart
Don't forget to pick up a souvenir on the way out! | © Tammy Kwan

Overall, we enjoyed the ride and thought it was a unique and fun experience, especially on a daytrip to Sentosa. It makes for an enjoyable family ride, or even a cute date activity.

Getting There

SkyHelix Sentosa
© Tammy Kwan

From Sentosa, you can either take a hike up, take a bus, or take the Sentosa cable car to Imbiah Lookout station.

If you’re planning on taking cable car up, choosing the Cable Car Skypass + SkyHelix Sentosa Open-Dated ticket may be a more value-for-money choice.  It includes unlimited cable car rides there and back, and gives you more freedom to explore and enjoy the island.


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