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Basque burnt cheesecakes took Singapore by storm last year, appearing on every social media feed possible. Though this dessert is not your usual classic cheesecake, it’s gained a cult following for good reason. The basque burnt cheesecake takes things a little further – with its burnt top that almost looks like a mistake, crunchy sides, and the gooey textured centre, it’s truly a taste of heaven.

Originating from Basque Country, this trend has made its way to our tiny, sunny island, with many local online bakeries and patisseries trying to recreate their own version of this delectable dessert. Here’s where to find some of the best basque burnt cheesecakes this island has to offer.


Paparch cheesecakes singapore
Paparch cheesecakes | © Paparch 

It would be a crime not to add Paparch to our list. Believe it or not, Paparch’s basque burnt cheesecakes are so sought-after, they are sold out within minutes after each of its monthly drops. Around 320 cakes (worth $60 each) are available per drop, and more than 1,000 comments are usually left on its social media posts from keen customers attempting to reserve a cake of their own.

Paparch is Muslim-owned, and the chef uses only 100% Halal ingredients for his basque burnt cheesecakes, which are the only items on the menu. Baked to perfection, the sweet, melted centre of this dreamy creation will leave you craving for more.

Slots are released here, although both August and September slots are full as of now.

Website | Instagram | Facebook

Amrita’s Artisan Bakeology

Amrita's artisan bakeology burnt cheesecake
Amrita's cheesecakes | © Amrita's Artisan Bakeology 

Known to bake up the finest burnt cheesecakes in Singapore, Amrita’s Artisan Bakeology’s cheesecakes are not to be missed. Founded by an ex-teacher who honed her skills by pursuing baking courses at the Institute of Culinary Education in New York and learning under famous cake designer Julian Angel, Amrita started her own baking business to pursue her love of creating baked goods.

Amrita’s luxury basque burnt cheesecakes (from $48) are typically beautifully decorated with fresh flowers and fruits. The cheesecakes may look too pretty to eat, but we promise it tastes just as good as it looks. Order your very own cheesecake here, or learn to bake your own under Amrita’s guidance.

Website | Instagram | Facebook

Melted Bakehouse

Classic burnt cheesecake melted bakehouse
Classic burnt cheesecake | © melted.bakehouse

Melted Bakehouse serves up a wide array of pretty bakes, but its rustic basque burnt cheesecakes (from $49.90) are arguably the bestsellers. Topped with berries, the cheesecake features a beautifully burnt top with a cheesy centre that is bound to excite your taste buds. Melted Bakehouse even serves up unique and interesting flavours such as Truffle Cheese and Lavender Honey, along with various other baked goodies that are out of this world.

Shop all products here.

Website | Instagram | Facebook

Teaspoon of Love

Yuan Yang burnt basque cheesecakes teaspoon of love
Yuan Yang burnt basque cheesecakes | © Teaspoon of Love 

Teaspoon of Love might stand out in this list, mostly because tea crafting seems to be more… their cup of tea (pun intended). However, don’t let appearances fool you. This tea company actually bakes up a storm, which can be seen in the “Bakery” section on its website.

If you’re looking to excite your senses with standout flavours, Teaspoon of Love fires up basque burnt cheesecakes (from $51.90) with distinctive flavours such as Da Hong Pao, Matcha, and Yuan Yang. Place your orders fast to avoid disappointment – they tend to get sell-out quickly.

Website | Instagram | Facebook

Burnt Bakes

burnt bakes singapore
Burnt cheesecakes | © Burnt Bakes Singapore

Started by Chef Sam Chablani (aka the “Firelord”), Burnt Bakes is a halal bakeshop that has baked up a storm and sold over 2,500 cakes islandwide. Check out its mouth-watering flavours such as Vanilla & Thyme, Houjicha, and Durian Sea Salt. Burnt Bakes’ cheesecakes are a perfect blend of two cheese creams, a decadent cheesecake batter burnt to a blackened, aesthetic crust, and a rich cheesy molten centre. One bite and you’ll be hooked.

Basque burnt cheesecakes start from $49, and can be bought here.

Website | Instagram | Facebook


chalong burnt cheesecake singapore
CHALONG cheesecake | © Chalong 

At first glance, CHALONG seems like a restaurant specialising in charcoal-grilled meats. However, this eatery also bakes up a solid basque burnt cheesecake. It’s arguably one of the most affordable cheesecakes that can be found on the island, making it a highly desirable option. Slots fill up pretty quickly too, so be sure to grab your own basque burnt cheesecake before it sells out.

Each 6” basque burnt cheesecake is available for $30, and you can purchase them on its website here.

Website | Instagram | Facebook


FASQUE cheesecakes singapore
FASQUE cheesecakes | © byfasque

FASQUE is Muslim-owned and famous for its OG burnt cheesecakes. If you’re looking for something more adventurous, FASQUE is also well-known for firing up a solid Lotus Speculoos burnt cheesecake. Drizzled with sweet-lotus cookie butter and topped off with crushed lotus biscuits, you’re in for a sugary treat that is perfect after every meal.

Keep an eye out for its next pre-order, and fill out its order form here to clinch one of its signature cheesecakes.

Website | Instagram

BONUS: Cat & the Fiddle

Burnt cheesecake cat & the fiddle
Burnt cheesecake | © Cat & the Fiddle Facebook

When you think of cheesecakes, you’re bound to think of Cat & the Fiddle. Even though this brand has its fair share of physical stores, it deserves a mention for its burnt cheesecake which can be ordered online. Founded by Celebrity Chef Daniel Tay who is also the founder of popular bakery chain Bakerzin, Cat & The Fiddle is a halal bakery known for serving up some of Singapore’s Best Cheesecakes. With 20 delightful cheesecake flavours on its menu, you’re going to be spoilt for choice. 

Click here to shop its Toasty Burnt Cheesecake – named the “Charred Eclipse” ($52.90) – which is a fan-favourite option. Blending together rich cream cheese and martabak cheese, Cat & the Fiddle’s basque burnt cheesecake will not disappoint.

Website | Instagram | Facebook


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