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Nestled in a small takeout box, bento box cakes have taken the world by storm with its delicate and aesthetically pleasing designs. First popularised in South Korea as gifts for loved ones, these 4-inch cakes are a perfect treat for any occasion. 

With these cakes constantly popping up on my feed, it was only natural for me to wonder what it would be like to actually create or decorate one myself.

galore bake studio singapore
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Enter Galore Bake Studio, Singapore’s first DIY bento-cake decorating experience, which allows customers to decorate their very own bento cakes. Workshop attendees don’t have to worry about the intricate process of baking and assembling this miniature cake. All they have to do is design and decorate the already prepared cake, and enjoy them after bringing it home — no cleaning up at the studio is even necessary, what a snatch. 

When I had a chance to try this experience for myself with another Native team member, of course I could not turn it down.

naked bento box cake
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As soon as I stepped foot into this studio, I was met with a friendly team that helped us get set up. The experience started off with picking a cake flavour to decorate — the workshop comes with one fully-frosted funfetti bento cake, though patrons are able to choose from several other flavours including Oreo, Thai milk tea, and earl grey lavender, for an additional $3. 

While I knew I was about to decorate a mini cake, the fact that it was a 4-inch cake hadn’t set in until it was placed in front of me — 4 inches was way smaller than I had expected, and I have big and unsteady hands. Fortunately, I decided on a design that did not need any detailed piping. 

colouring the buttercream
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Now comes the fun part: decorating. Each table was given a basket filled with tools we might need to help with the decorating process, including buttercream, piping tips, disposable gloves, and a load of different food colouring. 

With a myriad of colour options, I started incorporating the various coloring into smaller, separated bowls of buttercream. One tip the Galore staff shared was less is more — as the food colouring is very pigmented, a little bit went a long way. 

decorating the bento cake
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Decorating the cake was definitely more challenging than I had imagined, but fun nonetheless. The buttercream was very forgiving, as it could easily be scraped off if a mistake was made, or slathered over with even more cream. The staff members were also very helpful in assisting us with whatever we needed, from getting smaller tips to teaching us how to pipe well. 

It was very interesting to look around the room and see the variety of designs everyone else had created. While it was a small canvas to work with, it did indeed spark creativity among everyone. Before I knew it, an hour had passed and my cake was somewhat presentable. I finished off the cake with some piping whirls, which definitely did not look how I imagined it to be, and of course, some sprinkles, in an attempt to save my cake. 

piping the buttercream on bento cake
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The studio also had a small decorated corner where patrons could go and take pictures of their cake once they were finished. My cake-decorating companion and I took the opportunity to conduct a mini photoshoot of our proud creations. 

After that, it was time to take the cake home to be devoured. I had opted for the Oreo cake, which was dense and rich, while its buttercream was thick and creamy. 

bento box cakes finished product
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Whether you are a professional cake decorator or a novice with all things baking, Galore Bake Studio is an establishment where everyone is welcome. Regardless of skill level, the Galore team made me feel comfortable and guided at every step. 

If you are looking for something fun and relaxing to do, whether by yourself or with a loved one, try out Galore Bake Studio and decorate your very own bento-box cake. We guarantee it’s a delicious activity where you can flex your artistic side. Click here to book this experience now.

This article is in partnership with Galore Bake Studio.


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