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House plants are great additions to any home, adding colour and life to your living space. Besides its aesthetic qualities, having plants around your home is also said to boost your mood and productivity while purifying your surroundings. 

Whether you have been blessed with a green thumb – or not, no judgement here –  here are some of the best boutique plant shops in Singapore offering both low and high maintenance plants that are sure to complete your home. 

Tumbleweed Plants

Tumbleweed Plants
© Tumbleweed Plants

Tumbleweed Plants offer a wide range of stylish plants that are accessible to all. This shop is also known to have one of the largest selection of planters and indoor plants in Singapore. Its plants are sourced from locally based growers around Singapore, restricting airfreight imports to reduce their carbon footprint. 

Here, you will also find some exclusive plant accessories that can bring an extra pop of colour to your home. We’ve got our eyes on its Misfits pot (consisting of three animated heads balanced on top of each other), and its hanging globe (metal planter with a chain cord) planters that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. 

Address: 55 Tiong Bahru Rd, #01-02, Singapore 160055

Opening Hours: Tuesday to Friday from 10am-8pm, and Saturday to Sunday from 10am-7pm; Closed on Mondays 

Website | Facebook | Instagram

Plunt Shop

plunt shop singapore
© plunt.co

Plunt is a boutique plant shop created by a team of individuals passionate about plants and design. These plants are hand-picked from local nurseries, which prioritises the health of each plant. This local store also combines the love of plants and design, creating a user-friendly shopping site, allowing you to match your plants to the planter of your choice. 

If you are not sure what plant to get, try its Plunt Combo. This interactive ordering experience allows you to first decide on the size of your pot before filling it with plants. The Plunt Combo also includes a visualisation tool, making it easy for customers to envision their final result before purchasing. 

Address: 71 Ubi Cres, #08-13, Singapore 408571

Opening Hours: Friday to Sunday from 11am-6pm; Closed Monday to Thursday 

Website | Facebook | Instagram

Noah Garden Centre

Noah Garden Centre
© @tuesdaythursday_ (Noah Garden Centre)

This boutique plant shop offers various plants and accessories that suit any living space — from modern to quirky pieces, you will find it all at Noah Garden Centre. With an extensive list of plants and garden products, this local establishment hopes to inspire others to discover the joys of living with greenery. 

Find pieces that will suit your home perfectly at Noah Garden Centre’s online marketplace. It offers plants from more than 30 different sellers all over Singapore. Choose from a selection of plants and accessories to finally fill up that shelf in your bedroom, or the empty corner in the living room. 

Website | Facebook | Instagram

Potta Plantta

potta plantta singapore
© PottaPlantta

Aiming to inspire plant lovers by bringing nature to their homes, Potta Plantta offers artisanal handcrafted pots and a selection of lush plants to choose from. Visit its physical store and be surrounded by calming shades of brown and green plants. Shoppers will get to select from an extensive range of indoor and outdoor plants that can complete the look of your home. 

Its plant selection is broad, and new plant collections are added every Tuesday. Its website also contains all the information you may need to care for your new plants, including how much light and water your new plant babies will need. 

Look out for its artisanal plant pots, available in both the physical and online store. At Potta Plantta, plant-lovers will find quirky pots, which may not be found anywhere else. From animal-shaped pots to ones that rock (like a rocking chair), you will not be able to resist getting one for your home. 

Address: 55 Lor L Telok Kurau, #1-57, Singapore 425500

Opening Hours: Wednesday to Sunday from 11am-6:30pm; Closed Mondays and Tuesdays 

Website | Facebook | Instagram

The Chlorofeel Shop

Chlorofeel shop singapore
© Chlorofeel

Spruce up your home with some rare plants from The Chlorofeel Shop. Here, you will find exotic succulents and tropical plants that you may not find anywhere else. The Chlorofeel Shop drops new batches of rare plants regularly — be sure to get some before they sell out. 

On top of rare plant species, this plant shop also offers other collections, including air plants, herbs & spices, flowering, fruiting, and carnivorous plants. Add a pop of colour to your home with an anthurium plant or an aglaonema red peacock plant. 

If you are new to taking care of greenery, take a look at its plant-lovin’ guide, which is the ultimate how-to index that provides you with all you need to know about taking care of various plants. 

Website | Facebook | Instagram

Soil Boy

Soil boy singapore
© Soilboy

Soil Boy is a trendy plant shop that stocks plants that are simple and easy to care for. From ficus’ to snake plants, this boutique outlet provides us with low maintenance, yet aesthetically pleasing plants. Each plant is also potted in modern-looking planters, which is sure to add a minimalistic charm to your space. 

Website | Facebook | Instagram


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